Music Festivals

IMG_2393It was DH’s birthday this weekend so we spent Saturday at the Queenscliff Music Festival.

We’ve been to the Apollo Bay music festival a few times but we’d never been to this one. Technology has caught up to music festivals so we downloaded the ‘App’, spent some time reading up on the acts and listening to some You Tube clips and then basically ditched all that preparation when we got there 😉 The big distinguishing feature of the QMF is that all the acts are Australian. No overseas guests at all.

Queenscliff has a steam train and that was one of the ‘stages’ . You hopped on the train and listened to one of four acts as it chugged to Swan Bay siding and then you changed carriages and chugged back to town with another set. Too much fun!

I confess to not being a heavy rock lover so we mostly went to folk, blue grass and light QMFoscaronstagerock. We stumbled across a great new young band from the region, Murdena which was some blues, some country, some blue grass and they kept producing instruments…steel guitar, double bass, even a mandolin! Their biggest fan even joined his dad on stage for one song!

It was a great day, although super long….11am – 11pm and we left early! I am sure they were rocking well into the night. DH was happy as he got to see the John Butler Trio. As we stood in the huge ‘big top’ in a crush waiting for them to come on, surrounded by drunk people and the aroma of weed, I did feel a bit old! Still, it was a happy crowd and the music was excellent.

Do you go to music festivals?


3 thoughts on “Music Festivals

  1. I LOVE music festivals! When we were a lot younger dh and I used to work in the medical tent at Glastonbury festival in UK which was…’interesting’. But it meant we got free access to the festival and clean showers and toilets! When we came to live in NZ we took our family to WOMAD (world of music and dance festival) and it has become an absolute highlight of our year every year since. We camp on a racecourse then walk down to the venue and listen to amazing music from round the world. There are 6 stages and music from 12pm-12midnight for two days- and lots of great world food too. We have danced through rain and wind and baking sun and not even the weather can spoil it!

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