Making Lists and Checking them Heaps of Times….

In my house, December means a lot of things. First up, it’s officially summer and the pool is open and the solar on. Second, it’s the end of the school year so it’s time to be organizing book lists, new uniform and computer choices for next year even before the holidays/vacation has even started. Thirdly, it is the Christmas season and on top of book lists I have present lists, food lists, and general job lists. Some of it sound familiar?

DSC00246This year, December means that Boy Wonder’s year in the bush is fast coming to an end and we pick him up on December 13th. Right now, he’s out in the heat on a six-day hike….glad it’s him not me carrying that heavy pack!  But the flip side is that he’s in an amazing part of the world. Don’t you agree?

OnTheRoadAgainCoverEmailThis time last year I was on a nine-day bike ride and like any author, I used my experiences and put them in a book!  Well, a short story, really. On The Road Again is the result. So if you have a thing for hot docs, motorcycles,  summer heat and a happy-ever-after, it’s the perfect size read for this busy, crazy time of year.

You can easily read it before bed, or while you’re standing in line to pay for those gifts you’re buying, or waiting for your kid to get let out of sport practice/music lessons.

(Caveat, the romance part didn’t happen to me although my husband did pitch the tent for me each night 😉 )

On the Road Again is 99 cents and available at  Amazon Kindle, SmashwordsNookiBooks USAiBooks AUS

And, as it’s December, my website is decorated and all up to date with Christmas recipes and the complete set of books from my Wedding Fever trilogy. They’d make a great gift idea. 🙂

Meanwhile, I best get back to reading the catalogues and trying to find a gift for my hard-to-buy-for brother-in-law. Who do you find it hard to buy for?


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