Do you love or hate the Christmas letter?

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It seems to me, people either fall on the side of loving to receive a yearly Christmas letter or hating it. Me? I LOVE it. So totally love it!

I enjoy hearing the news from family and friends from around the world. Yes, even from second-cousin Evelyn who has ‘gifted’ Freddy.

Personally, I think he may become the next unabomber, but let’s not go there!

I’ve always sent a Christmas letter…since the age of 20 when I left home. This year, I’ve  received cards from people saying, “We’re looking forward to your letter.” It seems, over the years, the Lowe Family letter has got some fans.

Like I said, I’ve always written a letter but one year when I came to write it, I thought how similar our year had been to every other with the exception of the mid-year vacation/holiday destination.  If I was bored writing it, surely people would be bored reading it.

(As an aside,  I have learned this is not true because it seems most of us think everyone else is leading a much more sparklingly interesting life compared to our own. Point of fact, I LOVE to read your news) So anyway, that year, I used a play on words and sent out a letter called the Lowe-Down and made headings such as Lowe-Life, Lowe-cation, Lowe Expectations…you get the idea 🙂

I got fan mail from family and friends and along with it came the expectation of, “What are they going to do next year?”

Crap. That wasn’t my intention AT ALL. Let’s add another stress to the festive season 😉

Then Boy Wonder discovered Publisher and Photoshop around age 9 and got in on the act. Suddenly, the letter became a production. Since then we’ve done a Twitter feed letter, a Facebook letter, a blog, a Lowe’s catalogue sale and so it goes on. We’ve added a photo collage and I’ve taken to sending it as a PDF via email and just mailing the card.

This year took more planning because Boy Wonder was up the bush, so he had to create the template in the September holidays!

So why do I think our letter is well-received compared with second-cousin Evelyn’s? I reckon a lot of it is to do with self-deprecation. Throughout the year, I try to remember to write down all the dumb stuff we did. That way I can get away with sneaking in the occasional achievement 😉

Things like: Fiona distractedly reaching for the lip balm and discovering she’d put Vegemite on her lips. * My husband complained about the Sydney transit machines not working; turns out he was using the wrong ticket. *The Lad was busy texting a girl and ended up 15km away from where he should have gotten off the bus. *DH clambored through the roof with internet cable for the PVR and knocked out the antenna in the process. There goes $300. *Fiona borrowed a tennis racquet thinking she’d left hers in the garage, only to discover she’d left it at the tennis centre for two weeks over the holidays.Oops! *Boy Wonder got a certificate for being organized and promptly lost

So my top tips for a great year-in-review letter are…’make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, make ’em happy. Show your human side.

Do you write a letter? Do you like receiving them? Tell me, I’d love to hear. I’d also love to hear some corker stories from letter’s you’ve received.

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One thought on “Do you love or hate the Christmas letter?

  1. I used to write a one page letter, not really enough time nowadays. So then I had my older daughter do an annual one page photo collage, making sure each of us was in there at least once. That seems to go over well with the elderly greataunts. So many of the people I used to write letters to now keep up with us and vice versa via Facebook or twitter…but I do enjoy receiving holiday letters, as long as it’s not a mini magazine, which one family I know puts out! O_o

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