This Week in Pictures

With six more sleeps until Christmas, December’s hit the crazy-manic feeling and this blog is late but I bet no one notices cos you’re all doing the crazy manic stuff too!

So what’s been happening?

*We picked up Boy Wonder from his year at school in the mountains and he’s home for good 🙂 He’s taller, his face is longer and his voice is deeper and he came home with a swag of prizes, including a Trangia. I see more hiking in his future.


*My husband arrived home last night with a mountain of gear including a bike and a TV. His job in Sydney is over and we need to assimilate  an apartment of stuff into our home. Fun times!

*I baked the Christmas cake. 

*After 13 years, I lashed out and bought a new Christmas wreath 🙂

*The Christmas tree is up and it stressed the cat out so much she pee’d on the carpet. More fun times!

So now it’s time to start wrapping presents and do some meal planning for the two family functions I am hosting.

How are you going with the final run-up?


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