Our Camping Vacation/Holiday


I’ve been off the air-ways on vacation/holidays in a tent. Cue a heatwave!

Yes, folks, we had four days of temperatures over 43C/108F (!!) and I was under canvas. Fortunately,  we were by the sea so although it was stifling hot, most days we could catch a breeze or just sit in the ocean.

Now, the Southern Ocean is a freezing place and most summers,I am in a full length wetsuit just to survive ten minutes in the water. This year, the water was like a bath! I didn’t get the wetsuit out of the bag.  On the hot days, not even the sea could summon up any energy and it was flat-as…no surf for us 😦


The rest of the time was pleasant weather. We cycled, we read, we canoed, we ate, we sailed, we slept, we played board games and ‘bare foot bowls’ (too much fun) and the boys’ friends visited.IMG_1066

In the middle of all that, my latest book, Runaway Groom launched so there was a mad dash to the library to do some promo!

I got home to a new contract for two medical romances so they will appear in 2015 and 2016. Meanwhile, remember that Runaway Groom is now on sale where all e

Books are sold!

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook

Carina Press, KoboiBooks

So that’s what I’ve been up to! What board games do you play on holidays/vacation?


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