Mr. Fixit is my Valentine.

It’s Valentine’s Day in Australia and it’s a humid, muggy day and the roses are looking  kinda droopy! Bit like me, really 😉   Today I’m reflecting on Valentine’s past. When I was born, Valentine’s Day in Australia was a non-event. Even when I was a young adult it really wasn’t a big deal here but things have changed! Retailers want us to think it’s a big day.

But me, ever the romantic since at age 14 when I’d read Pride and Prejudice, I dreamed of being given a single, long-stemmed, red rose. I remember the excitement of receiving it too. It was given to me by a guy who bought it because I’d dropped a million hints! Thing is, I have to confess, I actually loved the rose way more than poor Tim. Sorry about that, buddy!

When my husband and I lived in the United States, we totally embraced Valentine’s Day because, wow, they really celebrate it from kindergarten through to the elderly. So we did the full deal; champagne, dinner, chocolates, sexy lingeries, the works. Great fun!

My husband is a random Valentine’s celebrator….one year I’ll get flowers, another ten I won;t 😉 but that’s okay because on the other 364 days of the year he does things like ironing, laundry, and bless him, he tries to repair stuff. Sometimes it works!

Since becoming a Harlequin author, Valentine’s day has been special. For a few years, they threw a ball in Sydney which was great fun but then the global financial crisis hit and now we get a little gift which I look forward to every year. There have been roses, chocolates, an umbrella. I wonder what it will be this year.

This morning, I helped my 10th grade son, cut roses from the garden to take for the girls in his class. I thought this was sweet and I figured my job as a romance author and mother was done. He will grow up hopefully to be a tad more romantic in the traditional sense than his father and chances are, given his skill in technical things, perhaps a lot better at repairing things!  Meanwhile, I need to teach him to cook and iron.

If there is one thing I have learned over the last twenty years, that is stage-mange your day so you get to enjoy it .My husband is out of town so I am now off to pick myself some roses to enjoy, put some champagne on ice and read a great romance.

Wherever you are, what ever you’re doing. Happy Valentine’s Day!



3 thoughts on “Mr. Fixit is my Valentine.

  1. I’m kind of a Valentine’s curmudgeon. There’s something about there being an organized day where it’s expected that I balk at LOL. For me, it’s the spontaneous gifts or sweet words that rock. So much better than planned and obligatory gestures. And I’m with you on the daily reminders of a shared life being the best 🙂

    Oh, but I do love that your took fresh roses for girls in his class. I expect there were lots of pretty girls with big gorgeous smiles today and a rose tucked behind one ear!

    That’s lovely 🙂

  2. I loved reading your post 🙂 My hubby and I were in the US when it was VD and I was surprised at how big it was there, not like here in Australia.

    Love your hero-in-the-making getting flowers (home grown!) for VD, that’s beautiful 🙂

    I was happy to be taken out last night for dinner 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day x

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