Deadline Life

North-east Montana Photo courtesy of Kari Lynn Dell

I am very close to my deadline for my current single title novel; the Montana set book which I’m describing as E.R meets Northern Exposure and like anyone with a project deadline, it’s nose down, tail up and any attempt to stay connected to the real world does slip slightly. I have to set reminders upon reminders so I don’t forget school functions and appointments.

I am also judging Rita books so at the end of a long day of writing, I’m reading.  Not a hardship right? Except it too is reading with a deadline. Kinda sucks the joy out of it a bit although the book I just finished was so fantastic I was sad it was over. Sadly I can’t say which book it is but I am keen to read more of the author.

So that’s my life at the moment. What’s happening in yours?


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