Books; new and old!

8ffcade373b036c2b2a9a44837e60b67So my first book in my Montana Doctors & Cowboys series has gone to my editor. YAY.

Now we are brainstorming titles and I’m filling in art fact sheets so the good people at Berkley/Penguin can start the process of creating a cover and all the other stuff that a publisher does.

I’m writing a workshop that I’m giving to a group of writers and learning how to use Keynote, the Mac version of Powerpoint. Fortunately, Boy Wonder is around to teach me.

Next week, I’m starting a new book, a medical romance for Harlequin Mills & Boon in a new continuity that features midwifery. I’m really looking forward to this and working as a midwife was one of my happiest times in my nursing career.


Talking babies, Mills and Boon have just released an anthology, Double T

rouble,whichfeatures three stories about twin pregnancies. I’m thrilled to be there with Caroline Anderson and Melissa McClone. The three stories take you to Suffolk UK, to a European Principality and to the lovely southern coast of Victoria, Australia.

My story is the reprint of Miracle; Twin Babies.  Set in the glorious seaside coastal town of Port Bathurst, Dr. Nick Dennison has fought cancer and staked a claim on remission. Now he’s living on the land and taking things a bit easier, concentrating on getting well and taking each day as it comes. Babies are not on his agenda; he gave up on that idea to survive cancer. But then again, meeting Kirby Atherton wasn’t on his agenda either!

Click here to read an excerpt and see photos that inspired the story and to see the original cover.

ge_barwon_bridgeReviews from its original release said, “I absolutely LOVE this book it was a wonderful story to read and hard to put down. Great Read. Fun to read. And very enjoyable.”

“A really warm heart felt book”

You can grab a copy at Amazon UK, iTunes, Mills & Boon UK, Booktopia Mills& Boon Australia, iTunes and where all eBooks are sold.


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