Starting a New Story


I’ve been having fun this morning playing around on Pinterest, starting the collage for my new Harlequin Mills & Boon medical romance.

I’m writing one of the 12 books in the series, Midwives On-Call!  I’m excited because one of my favourite parts of nursing was when I worked as a midwife. I still remember my very first day after a lecture block and they put me in special care nursery. I was 24 years-old and I’d never changed a diaper/nappy in my life. I learned fast!

Copy of photo 1A

The series is set in Melbourne, Australia…the place I actually studied midwifery! I lived in Melbourne for a lot of years before moving to Wisconsin, USA. When we returned to Australia, we didn’t return to Melbourne but took a sea change, moving to a much smaller town. I guess because most of my…okay all bar two of my… medical romances are set in the bush, this one is too!



I’m having fun creating Turraburra, the seaside coastal town. It might even feature some little penguins!

For more pictures, head over to my Pinterest page…copyright laws prevent me from posting the photos here but over there you can meet Lilia and Noah who have both been badly hurt in the past and are emotionally shut-down. I’m going to have fun waking them both up!


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