Getting Out and About!

photoLast week,  Boy Wonder was on camp, The Lad in Tassie and miracle-of-miracles, DH was actually home so we took off for twenty-four hours. Prior to this point the weather had been glorious but on our day out, it changed. We drove along the Great Ocean Road in blinding rain. photo

Fortunately, we’re familiar with the view so we were luckier than all the Chinese and Japanese tourists who were looking both wet and sad but never-the-less still taking photos!

We stayed the night at Chris’s at Beacon Point, up in there trees of the Otways, looking down on the southern ocean. It was like being in a tree house. The restaurant also has a splendid view and by dinner, the rain had stopped. The food was beautiful and the produce sourced locally. I had mussel’s cooked in fennel, ouzo and tomato. Divine. The slow cooked lamb was also fantastic with North African flavours.


View from our room


Otway forest


Our treehouse!

The school term has finished so yesterday, Boy Wonder, DH and I went out in much more clement weather and did a 38km/23 mile push-bike ride. It was along an old rail trail, passing through farmland and the old gold mining towns of Linton and Scarsdale. The sun was out, the sky was blue, Lorikeets and sulphur crested cockatoos squawked and dived and a Kookaburra laughed at me when I panted up one of the hills. I thought trains didn’t go up steep hills!


Nimmon’s Bridge…a glorious old trestle railway bridge beautifully restored


A pretty part of the track


DH ready to ride…he heroically carried the lunch on his back

So now it’s back to work!  I have a “new look”  BOOKS page on my website and next week I have a new release, Fiona Lowe’s Weddings….four books in one volume! You can read all about it at the link and pre-order it.

Have a great week!

Fiona x


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