New Release in USA & Canada!

Weddings mimibannerI’m really excited to tell you about my four-book anthology, Fiona Lowe’s Weddings! Every single story is set in a place filled with heat and sunshine!

Three of the four books were never released in the United States and A Woman To Belong To, my ‘Vietnam book’ was only on limited release to Harlequin subscribers, so many of you won’t have read it. Now’s your chance 😉

Dr Tom Bracken was a ‘cardboard box baby’, flown out of Vietnam at Saigon fell in 1975.

viet1 Now he’s working in Hanoi and trying to find his birth mother, believing his life cannot start until the missing part of it is found. The arrival of Bec Monahan at his door, offering to ‘help the children’ starts him on another journey entirely. Bec has been left a lot of money but to her it’s tarnished and is a constant reminder of her troubled childhood. Together, she and Tom challenge their beliefs about each other as Vietnam weaves her magic over them both, but is magic enough?

My trademark of ‘small towns, big hearts’ is frontoutback and center in the ‘Warragurra’ books; Wedding in Warragurra and The Playboy Doctor’s Marriage Proposal. Here heat, red dust and isolation tango with love. In Wedding In Warragurra, Dr. Baden Tremont, who is committed to raising his tween daughter, never expected love to strike twice. Sarah Lawson thought she’d loved once before but living in a town who blames her for the death of the local sports hero, she’s not prepared to love again. Slowly, they find their way forward by honouring the past and embracing the future.

Copy of photo 1AThe Playboy Doctor’s Marriage Proposal, the second book in the Warragurra duo, finds red dust meeting city smog. Emily Tippet, Warragurra born and raised, with her pink hair, baggy clothes, the ability to hot-wire a car or tractor, brand cattle and shoot a mean game of pool, is an enigma to Sydney playboy doctor, Linton Gregory. He’s never met anyone like her or her close and loving family. With her four brothers and her dad, dating Emily is like having to deal with five fathers. I had so much fun getting dust on Linton’s Italian loafers and forcing Emily out of her comfort clothes, to reveal her true self to the world.

The fourth and final book in the anthology is The Surgeon’s Chosen Wife. Set in tropical IMG_5046Queensland, it is the absolute opposite of the dry inland. It has lush bougainvillaea, mango-laden trees, sweltering humidity and massive rainfall.

Ryan Harrison, former surgeon, returns unhappily to Yakkaburra to recuperate from a near-death experience. His neighbour is Sarah Rigby, single mum and the town’s GP, who’d gone to school with him. Ryan can’t fathom why she didn’t run screaming from town years ago like he did. I love this story with the theme of healing both physically and emotionally, plus I got to include a gorgeous dog, a kelpie-bordercollie cross, who was based on the wonderful Meg, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

FionaLowesWeddingsHarlequin have bundled these four books together and many of the eBook stores are retailing it at $3.85. That’s less than one dollar a book! So it’s a great bargain and with Easter around the corner, it will last longer than chocolate 😉

You can buy it at AmazoniBooksBarnes & Noble, and all other eBook stores.

If you’re interested in what I’m working on at the moment…my new Montana series, then check out collages at Pinterest.

Wishing you good health and plenty of time for reading!

Fiona x


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