Spring and Autumn are my favourite things

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s May…well it’s the 5th actually and in typical southern Victorian style, winter has blown in an entire month early. Wet, cold, damp and miserable, we propped inside for the weekend and huddled under the doona. That first blast of wet, damp, cold seeps into your veins and makes me pine for the Wisconsin cold…yes it is FREEZING but it is a DRY cold.

The flip side to all of this is that it’s still autumn and the leaves are now changing. The vinegrapevines are turning fire-red, the deciduous trees golden yellow and orange and I know, none of these trees are native to this country but I do LOVE their colours. The signal that a season is changing. Despite the chill, I still have some roses flowering and loving the scent of Mr. Lincoln’s in the house. My spring bulbs are coming up (!!) Yes the climate is a confused state.

mr lincoln rosesChange of season always makes me nest for some reason and this weekend I cleared out my wardrobe from top to bottom. I threw out shoes, clothes, found things I had forgotten I owned and sat back with a sense of achievement. Mind you, I still have to get all the stuff to the Salvation Army but we’re half done!

On the writing front, am busy brain-storming title and series names for my Montana books and looking at artwork. I’m also planning the second book. Exciting times!

Spring and Autumn/fall are my favourite seasons. Not sure why. Perhaps because the weather is less extreme and because they show change is afoot.  What are your favourite seasons?


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