Step Away From The Stove….now!

10353265_10152219866407675_2714594223057580158_oWhile my American readers are enjoying a long weekend and their thoughts are turning to the start of summer, we were lucky to have a glorious autumn/fall regular weekend.

Unlike the heat of summer when we live on salads and grilling on the BBQ, I’m happy to cook the other three seasons. I’m a pretty good cook, my family are generally appreciative of what I serve up and I have to say that I take pride in providing tasty and well-presented food. That was seriously challenged this weekend.

Friday night, instead of salmon, I tried snapper. I’ve cooked it before and I stuffed it with DSC03832herbs and lemon, covered it in garlic and soy sauce and baked it. Sadly, it was quite tasteless and there were complaints about bones. I told them to man up!

Saturday, I served up the vegetable & meat soup that had been cooking in the slow cooker using the leftover ginger and soy from a casserole earlier in the week. I missed the mark again. There were requests for minestrone or pea & ham. At this point I was questioning whether it was my cooking or their tastebuds.  So, for Saturday night I fell back on an oldie but a goodie…roast chicken. First mistake of the evening…I let my husband light the Weber BBQ and unbeknown to me, he didn’t open the bottom vents. I took the chook/chicken off the BBQ and instead of golden brown it was half raw. And we had theatre/theater tickets that night so yeah, we ate a sandwich and left for the show.

So Sunday night? Yep, I ordered in pizza and it was cooked and tasty!

What did you eat this weekend?


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