A Tale of Two Cakes


My yet to be decorated cake ready for travel

My side of the family tend to gather together every few months to celebrate a clump of birthdays. This weekend was one of those gatherings and my sister was hosting lunch.

We’ve settled into a pattern of whoever hosts provides the main meal, my mother brings the nibbles and I bring the dessert. The kinder who range from 30 down to two have no food responsibilities….they’re just expected to turn up on time and to be entertaining and witty 😉

On Friday, Boy Wonder and I pored over the cookbooks. Would I bake the coconut cake with lemon syrup. YUM! On closer inspection, it had to be served warm so that wouldn’t work due to the distance we had to travel. The white chocolate cake tempted but I’d made that for the last birthday cluster.  I was leaning toward lemon meringue pie but Boy Wonder said it could be too lemony so we decided on a ginger cake with lemon icing. I’d not made before but it sounded delicious. Plus it was dead easy to make so I whipped it up on Saturday.

Up early on Sunday, I iced it and placed it in the travel cake container to be decorated on arrival.  I also packed the strawberries, putting them in the cooler with Boy Wonder’s fizz. Then I grabbed my phone so I could listen to my bookgroup audio book on 90 minute drive, my knitting… making a blanket for the Fistula Foundation… made a traveller coffee for my husband as he was driving, pulled on my boots, did a final check of the boot box where things we’re taking are aways stacked. It was empty. The men had loaded the car so I locked the door and stepped outside.

Ninety minutes and 123km/76 miles later we arrived at my sister’s  house, opened the back of the car and …no cake. Crap! Perhaps because it was family, I was remarkably calm and just laughed. I tried to find the recipe on my phone but although all the other cakes in the book were there, the ginger cake was not.  With DH on standby for a grocery store dash, I raided my sister’s recipe book and with her advice as she had some “apples that needed using,” I strapped on an arpon.


The whipped-up emergency cake all decorated and good to go

Dad gave me a glass of champagne, Boy Wonder brought me nibbles and I whipped up an apple and walnut cake, which was served warm and it was yummy!

This episode also provided the family with an opportunity to feel good because hey, what’s better than laughing at someone else’s folly? My 82 & 83 year old parents felt fantastic because they were not the ones to have forgotten to pack something and it gave the kids a chance to roll their eyes so basically it was a win-win. I also have a ginger cake for tennis tomorrow!

What have you forgotten or left behind and how did you cover for your moment of vagueness?


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