Routine Beckons

It’s winter and it’s three weeks siIMG_0410nce I last sat at my desk with my laptop attached to my screen, my fingers on the ergonomic keyboard and stared out the window at the veiw of the sea. It’s pretty cloudy today and hard to see the sea but I know its there.

These three things mean it’s back to work for me. My holiday/vacation was supposed to be two weeks but yeah, it stretched into three due to the fact that both boys were home and it was just too hard to concentrate and if I am honest, I just gave up trying to work! But today, is the day. Yeah, that’s why I’m blogging…..

The problem with not writing for three weeks is you forget where you are in the story. I read the first four chapters of the book but that was a week ago so yeah, I’ve forgotten again! ¬†Studies have shown that after a vacation, we need retraining at our job. I know that today I will sigh a lot, delete a LOT of words and ask myself why am I even trying to write a book. The fact I have written 26 others is irrelevent.

If you have any tips on settling back into work, I’d love to hear them:-)


One thought on “Routine Beckons

  1. Glad you had a wonderful holiday! and super glad to hear that real, live, successful authors have the same problems are us aspiring ones.

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