Book Online to Save Time….Yeah, right!

save-timeAll businesses are pushing us online to order things and it’s supposed to save everyone time. Hmm, I think it saves the business time and money but it sure as heck isn’t saving me time. It’s SUCKING my time away from me in hours at a time.

Yesterday, I planned 15 minutes to firm up a few things for my up-coming ski-trip.  First off, the airlinechanged my flights and the website wouldn’t allow me to deal with it despite me completeing all this details. Then, I rang the skilodge and they insisted I book online…so I did, only their website wasn’t working and kept giving me an error message. I called them back and alerted them to it. Sigh. Only thing left to do was book the skipasses and that’s when I got into an infinite loop between agreements and the type of pass. So three phone calls later I was told, “Oh, yeah, the IT guys are working on that.”    So those fifteen minutes took three hours! 

Today, I checked the airline and they still have me on the wrong flights….I’m on hold as I write this blog.

Does anyone out there manage to book something in five minutes because if you do, please send me your top tips!


2 thoughts on “Book Online to Save Time….Yeah, right!

  1. It’s a shame more businesses are relying on the internet. I still choose to get most of my bills in the mail, but this year several businesses made me get bills by email. My husband does not use the computer and if anything happened to me, he wouldn’t be able to pay the bills.

    My only suggestion is that when you call them and they refer you to the website let them know you are in the process of moving and currently don’t have access to internet. Insist that they do it for you.

    I admit it is a shame to have to lie to get service, but I admit I have no problems using manipulation to get someone to do something that they should be doing anyway. (I’ll think on my failings later)

    Have fun on your trip.

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