Apparently I have Collocophobia…who knew!

BwJ_DcTIgAAu5wTI didn’t know I had a fear until lovely author, Sandra Antonelli asked me to write a blog post for her “75-Phobias” in the run-up to her September 1st release of Driving in Neutral.  It’s a love story about claustrophobia and its availalble for pre-order for the ultra-special price of 99 cents. So grab it today before it goes up to $4.99.

So back to the phobia thing. What started out as me writing a jokey post has actually made me realize I do have a not so small problem that does cause me a lot of wasted time. I have collocophobia…the fear of filing!

So please join me today over at Sandra’s blog because I’m seeking suggestions to help me work on this problem. Oh and while you’re there you can also read more about Sandra who writes quirky novels for grownups and smart asses, featuring romance heroines with wisdom and experience! 519tPieEVGL._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-48,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_



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