The advantages of having an adult child; they come ski-ing with you!

The Lad is on his spring break and as he is a poor college/university student with few funds, he agreed to go snow ski-ing with his mother 🙂 I tell you, if you pay, they come!  Sadly, my husband and Boy Wonder had to stay home and work and attend school (sorry, guys) so it was just the two of us. We had a great two days ski-ing, didn’t argue, got along really well and we shared the driving! This vacationing/holidaying with adult children really has its pluses 🙂 The King Valley and the Alpine region are flush with pink and white bloosom and yellow wattle and it is such a beautiful part of the world the I always feel my soul reviving just being there.

As it is in spring, we got the full range of weather from cloudless, blue skies to blizzard conditions. The blizzard meant fresh powder snow to ski on Tuesday morning and I tell you there is nothing more magical than swooshing through the snow gums on 10cm of powder snow.  Here are some phone pics just to prove I was there cos now I am home dealing with the washing and it already seems a distant memory.

The Loo With A View! Mt Hotham, Victoria

The Loo With A View! Mt Hotham, Victoria



Sunny & blue skies one day...

Sunny & blue skies one day…


Blizzarding the next!






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