Season’s Greetings! Gift included!


A purple Jacaranda means Christmas in southern Victoria.

As I write this, it’s Christmas Eve and I’ve just got back from delivering Meals on Wheels. I was very humbled by the gifts and greetings I received from people as I did the round and it reinforced my belief in the goodness of human kind.

The good cheer continued with the early morning crowd at the grocery store where people were sipping coffee, chatting with friends they’d run into and then there were the random strangers discussing which type of pears the recicpe demanded. The best conversation I overhead was, ‘they said buy him golf balls. I had no idea there are like 28 kinds!’

Naked Gingerbread Barn.

Naked Gingerbread Barn.

Usually, I host about 16 people for Christmas but this year there are only six of us. I tried inviting waifs and strays but they had better offers 😉 So we are having an intimate Christmas. Tonight we’re enjoying a light meal and decorating Boy Wonder’s gingerbread barn. He whipped up the  template on Google Sketch-up and I was dubious but that roofline held together! Let’s hope it copes with the lollies/candy! Tomorrow I will cook a turkey and mum is bringing the plum pudding. YUMMO!

Thank you for being part of my writing life! I have a little present for you; a short story called Mr. Gorgeous, which I hope you enjoy.

Unknown-9 Whatever you believe or celebrate, I wish you a very happy festive season filled with good things and good cheer.

Fiona x


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