Happy Valentines Day!

83f76edebbb350bc433efd7fed20eef9e4What am I, a romance author doing today for Valentine’s Day? Doing what parents around the country do on a Saturday; driving kids to sport! Boy Wonder has a sailing competition and The Lad is flying back to Hobart for the start of the university year so either DH or I have an early get-up to drive him up the long, black road to Melbourne. If I’m lucky, I’ll glimpse the husband at some point late afternoon 😉

When we lived in America, we did the full Valentine’s Day catastrophe; champagne, chocolates, dinner, slinky lingerie and it was fun. I guess we could do it again this year but after getting up at 5AM to get The Lad to the airport, I think we both might be asleep on the couch by 8pm!  Still, it’s not about the chocolates and the flowers, although note to husband, roses are nice to receive, it’s more about making a concious effort every day of valuing those you love. Big gestures are impressive for sure,  but if they only happen once a year, they’re not enough to sustain any relationship. To be honest, the fact my husband does all of the ironing means it’s Valentine’s Day every Sunday.

If you’re not part of a couple then I recommend you go buy yourself a nice box of chocolates, pour yourself a glass of champagne and read a fabulous romance. And even if you are part of a couple, that idea might be tempting too!

Oh, an21a7da7e-2211-42be-972a-df1c7718ec6ad look out in your local coffee shop. If there is a Harlequin or Mills & Boon Author near you, they may have left you a gift as part of the #blinddatewithabook promotion 🙂

Also, for my Aussie readers, finally your very OWN giveaway …I know some of you were disappointed with the US only packs. Pop over to my Facebook Author Page to enter 🙂TYPE DESIGN-3

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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