Worn Out by the Weekend

IMG_20150222_142324This weekend was one of those weekend full of good things but come Monday morning, a girl feels like she needs another one to recover. I am often heard to say, ‘there is little difference between a toddler and a teenager. Both are ego centric and need a lot of time although parenting a toddler tends to be more physcial and a teenager more emotional.’

Remember, those days when they were little and you were up at sparrows cos they didn’t sleep? Well, Boy Wonder wanted to sleep this weekend but school committments meant he had to be up at 5AM to catch the bus a heck of a long way to compete in a sailing competition. This means his mother needed to be up a tad before that! Both DH and I had a nap later on in the day!

We saw a fabulous show on Saturday night called Wot? No Fish? Danny Braverman is onUnknown-6 tour from London telling the story of his extended family using doodles on pay packets over the course of  60 years. Put like that it sounds meh but it was AMAZING! If he ever tours near you, go see the show.

Sunday was a full day at school…the annual family day. Of course it was incredibly hot but always good to catch up with other parents and your kid’s friends.  Then it was home at 5pm with an exhausted 16 year old who had a lot of homework still to do. FUN TIMES!

What did you get up to?


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