A Four-Day Holiday


Easter is a four-day holiday where I live and for us this year it meant four days of great food, family gatherings, lots of car journeys,  a partial lunar eclipse and doing the final page pass for Truly Madly Montana; this meant reading word-by-word a 110,000 word novel! Have I ever mentioned that I DETEST proof reading? It’s a certain kind of torture.



Easter started a little earlier than usual as The Lad flew back from college for the week, (YAY) arriving on Wednesday night.  I spent a week going from bakery to bakery until I found THE perfect hot cross bun for Good Friday morning. I live for the annual shot of fruit and spices in a warm, light bun dripping with butter!


We live a long away from our extended family on both sides and it was our turn to journey. Good Friday, my sister-in-law cooked fish and on Easter Sunday my sister cooked a BBQ. I thought it was all wonderful as all I had to do was whip up a salad and a dessert. Boy Wonder and I poured over the cookbooks and as I have a bumper autumn lemon crop, the choice was obvious. How cute are these mini lemon meringue pies I made?


Boy Wonder  (16) did a lot of driving as he is gathering hours. He has to have 120 hours driving experience before he can sit his driver’s test. My husband was on supervising duty and I sat in the back proof reading Truly Madly Montana and studying the style manual. I do LOVE the cover of this book. The canoes are from a photo of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park where much of the book is set. 🙂 Truly Madly Montana is book 2 in the Medicine River series and is up for preorder everywhere. Amazon currently has it on sale at $5.99 along with Montana Actually, which is book one.

Of course, the Easter bunny came on Easter morning so now we are swimming in chocolate, which I will be forced to eat. I guess that means today I head back to the gym and life returns to normal.

What did you do over your Easter weekend?

For Fiona’s complete list of novels click here.

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