Ski-ing in Spring and the Livin’ is Easy

Last weekend, Boy WoP1040409nder and I took off for a few days of spring ski-ing. We do this whenever there is enough snow left by mid September. Last year a heat wave took it all out but this year, we had a mini summer burst and then the cold weather came back so YAY! I think a lot of people thought the snow had gone because Mt Hotham was quiet and we skied ourselves silly.

For those of you not on Facebook or Twitter, here are the photos. The Victorian high-country is one of my FAVE places in my home state. I’ve even set a book here, Her Miracle Baby 🙂 When you look at these photos, I think you can see why I love it so much.


A few years ago I wrote a book set there, Her Miracle Baby. It features horse rides in the snow, a woman dealing with her ill mother and a life that has thrown more than its fair share of curveballs. Harlequin have packaged it up with three other of my pregnancy/baby novels and called it Fiona Lowe’s Babies,  if you want to check it out. It’s available where all eBooks are sold.

Ski-ing wise, I did a personal best; last Monday I skied 17 runs before lunch!! After lunch I wasn’t quite so full of beans and added five more runs before calling it a day but 22 runs for a girl who isn’t 20 anymore is a pretty good effort. I guess that means I have to keep going to the gym to keep fit for ski-ing.

On the way home, we enjoyed the spring blossom of the foothills and visiting a friend’s nut farm. The last few photos are her garden 🙂

So are you tempted to come visit the Australian high country?
P1040416 P1040421 P1040424 P1040427 P1040447 P1040451 P1040457 P1040458 P1040463 P1040489 P1040502 P1040510 P1040511 P1040522 P1040529 P1040532 P1040541 P1040547 P1040555 P1040559 P1040560 P1040561 P1040565 P1040566 P1040567 P1040569 P1040573 P1040580


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