Hello March!

vineAutumn is in the air this morning! For the first time in a long time the cat slept on the bed from around 4am and when I ran to the gym at six, it was less than 10C. I LOVE autumn. It is my most favourite season; warm sunny days and crisp mornings and evenings.

What does March mean for me?
arrc2015-banner_600wNext weekend, I’m going to my very first Australian Romance Readers Convention! It’s being held in Canberra…I bet the mornings will be crisp there! I’m really looking forward to this.

I’m working on my 21st medical romance for Mills & Boon, and plan to have it finished by March 26th before the two week term break. I’m really enjoying writing this slow-burn story.

Mothering committments continue all through March…Saturday sport watching sailing, school committees, teaching Boy Wonder how to drive, listening to trombone practice…man that instrument can make some really bone shuddering sounds ūüėČ

And then at the end of the month there is Easter! Hot cross buns and chocolate and school holidays!

Fiona Lowe ARRA adTruly Madly Montana is up for pre-order now so if you enjoyed Montana Actually and you don’t want to miss Millie and Will’s story, preorder it and get that lovely surprise on July 7th/8th when it pings onto your eReader or arrives in the mail ūüôā

All my March writing news is up at http://www.fionalowe.com/index.php/what-s-new.

What are your plans for March? I’d love to know!

Celebrating the Good


In a lot of ways, writing books is a crazy business. It’s the only job I’ve had that comes with devastating lows and incredible highs. I’m sure it’s not healthy at all! But given the dismal lows, I always celebrate the good stuff.

Today I’m thrilled to annoucne that my Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance novel, Bundle of Trouble ¬†(third book in the Gold Coast Angels series) has been nominated for a RuBY award.

The Romantic Book of the Year award (RuBY) is a reader-based award run by the Romance Writers of Australia. This is my fifth nomination over the years but it’s still as exciting as it ever has been! ¬†Bundle of Trouble is dedicated to two special women, one of whom had a brain bleed and shared her story with me so I could write a realistic account of that terrifying and life threatening condition. For me, it makes the nomination even more special!

Congratuations to my fellow nominees…I hope you’re having a sparkly day today just like I am!

gold coast angels UK

So what’s Bundle of Trouble all about?

Almost everyone in Australia associates the Gold Coast, Queensland with theme parks, beaches, holidays and fun. Everyone except of course the people who live there. For them it’s just home. They get to enjoy the lovely beaches and the tranquility of the rainforest in their own back gardens. When I was at a conference on the Gold Coast, I often wondered what it would be like to live in a tourist town thate beats 24/7¬†because everyday life isn’t vacation, it’s everyday life! How often do the residents get to the beach or the rainforest?

Chloe hasn’t really ever had a vacation even though she’s lived on the Gold Coast for a decade. She’s been too busy supporting her brother, Nick and getting her own life back together after being abandoned by her parents at sixteen. She’s just turned thirty and she’s reflecting on her life and where it’s headed. Have the sacrifices she’s been forced to make been worth it?

Luke loved the casual Gold Coast lifestyle in the huge house on the canal that he shared with his wife and daughter but one moment in time stole all that from him. Now he’s living in a town known for its fun and yet he’s cloaked in sadness and not able to see a way out of it.

Set against the backdrop of sun, surf and life lived to the full, they manage against the odds to find their place in the Gold Coast and they find each other.

If this piques your interest, you can buy it at all eBook retailers!

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Writing Process Blog Hop Fun!

I’m participating in Our Writing Process Blog Hop. I’d like to thank fellow medical romance author, gorgeous Georgian southern lady and friend, Susan Carlisle for spotlighting me and asking me along on the hop.

This is the cover of Susan’s latest release! Very easy on the eyes, indeed! You can grab it at all eBook stores.

Anyway back to the hop!

What Am I Working On?

Book one of my new Montana based series which will be published by Berkley USA in January 2015. The working title is Marooned in Montana…take one city doctor and plonk him in rural Montana and watch the fun.

“Haven’t you lived in a small town before?”

“Not unless you count Boston.”

This book is due to my editor on Friday. I just have to read 90,000 words and then I can send it off.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I always have a secondary romance in all my single title novels and in Runaway Groom, there were three!

Why do I write what I do?

I blame my mother ūüėČ ¬†When I was 14 she gave me Pride and Prejudice to read and from that moment I was a sucker for a good romance.

 How does my writing process work?

Good question! A lot of it is pure panic. Can I do this? Why did I think I could write a book? I don’t start fast, I want to give up in the middle and then at the three-quarter mark when all the important stuff is in the novel, I start to enjoy it and race to the end. The high of finishing is such a buzz I swear it is the only thing that takes me back to the start of another story. Yeah. Hmm, not really inspiring is it? ¬†What I need to remember is not to fight the process!

I’d like to introduce you a writing mate, Jennifer St George. She’s gorgeous and she writes fabulous books that are very different from my small town rural novels. Her books are glitz and glamour and I loved her debut novel set in Roma! Jennifer is a 2013 Australian Romance Reader Award finalist (clever thing) with her novel, The Love Deception. You might want to visit her at her website and get to know her books.

Jennifer St George¬†is a romance author whose sexy stories feature courageous, career-minded heroines, strong heroes in¬†glamorous¬†international settings. She has four books –¬†The Billionaire’s Pursuit of Love¬†(2014),¬†The Love Deception¬†(2013),¬†Seducing the Secret Heiress(2013) and¬†The Convenient Bride¬†(2012) published with Penguin’s digital-first imprint,¬†Destiny Romance.¬†The Convenient Bride¬†and¬†Seducing the Secret Heiress¬†have now been released together in print.¬†Sweet Seduction¬†is now available through¬†BigW¬†and all good bookstores.¬†

Basil and a new book series with Berkley.

basilAh Spring, you fickle thing you! Today has a hint of summer in the air after last week’s plunge back into winter and as it’s November 18th and the chance of frost is slim, it’s time to plant the basil. Each year in the herb garden…well to be honest it is mostly a parsley and mint garden with some healthy thyme and struggling oregano.., I plant basil. We harvest it all summer and make heaps of pesto. A lot lands in the freezer so that in mid-winter we can have fresh pesto with our chicken.

Pekoe, the cat’s outdoor tower is on the edge of the herb garden. I guess I really should peeksplant some catnip for her although she can’t roll in it so I guess that would be mean. Here she is checking me out as I plant the basil. It always amazes me how tiny slips of seedlings can survive and grow into lovely, lush plants. Well, with a bit of help from snail bait!

Book news? I’m excited about a new project!! I’m working on a new contemporary romance series set in Montana and to be published by Berkley/Penguin USA. Think small town meets Grey’s Anatomy. Titles, release dates and all that jazz will be coming later and I will be sure to post it here and on my website.¬†

The Publishers Marketplace announcement went out on Friday.

2012 RITA Award winner Fiona Lowe’s untitled contemporary romance, pitched as “Duck Dynasty meets Grey’s Anatomy”, in which a Chicago doctor comes to a rural community and learns how different practising medicine is when you have to get to know the patients, in a two-book deal, to Wendy McCurdy at Berkley by Helen Breitwieser at Cornerstone Literary, (World rights).


Food In France.

For those of you who aren’t on¬†Facebook¬†or¬†Twitter, you may not know, but I’ve just spent 3 weeks in France, hence the blog silence! ¬†The weather was lousy but we accepted that because the country is amazing and we had THE BEST time including a week in Paris and cycling 300 km from Toulouse to the Mediterranean.

I could show you photos of splendid buildings and beautiful scenery but head to Facebook for that. Here I’m hitting you with with food! The French do food so well and we ate ourselves silly and loved every minute of it. We stumbled on some amazing restaurants with sensational food and lovely wines, but even at an average restaurant, the food was good and the presentation perfect.

So here’s Fiona’s pictorial guide to what she ate in France…..

The real deal!
French Onion Soup; the real deal!
The French LOVE Nutella crepes and I confess to eating one or two wrapped in white paper from a street stall…
Fromage! France produces more types of cheese than days of the year!
Cassoulet..the famous dish of beans, sausage and duck from Castlenaudary
Cassoulet..the famous dish of beans, sausage and duck from Castlenaudary
Lunch on the bike path.
Chaud Chocolat with style!
Hearty Alsace Food with BIG German influence
Wine from one of our favourite restaurants on the whole trip in Narbonne. Here I had mussels with aioli cooked on a wood fire. Divine!
Wine from one of our favourite restaurants on the whole trip in Narbonne. Here I had mussels with aioli cooked on a wood fire. Divine!
Entrecote! My husband ate this wherever he could with or without sauce


Moet & Chandon. Need I say more!
Need I say more!

So there you have it. Oh, and I will throw in one scenery shot…one of my faves!

The Canal du Midi in autumn and me & my bike.
The Canal du Midi in autumn and me & my bike.

Do you have food memories of a vacation/holiday you’d like to share?