Happy Valentines Day!

83f76edebbb350bc433efd7fed20eef9e4What am I, a romance author doing today for Valentine’s Day? Doing what parents around the country do on a Saturday; driving kids to sport! Boy Wonder has a sailing competition and The Lad is flying back to Hobart for the start of the university year so either DH or I have an early get-up to drive him up the long, black road to Melbourne. If I’m lucky, I’ll glimpse the husband at some point late afternoon 😉

When we lived in America, we did the full Valentine’s Day catastrophe; champagne, chocolates, dinner, slinky lingerie and it was fun. I guess we could do it again this year but after getting up at 5AM to get The Lad to the airport, I think we both might be asleep on the couch by 8pm!  Still, it’s not about the chocolates and the flowers, although note to husband, roses are nice to receive, it’s more about making a concious effort every day of valuing those you love. Big gestures are impressive for sure,  but if they only happen once a year, they’re not enough to sustain any relationship. To be honest, the fact my husband does all of the ironing means it’s Valentine’s Day every Sunday.

If you’re not part of a couple then I recommend you go buy yourself a nice box of chocolates, pour yourself a glass of champagne and read a fabulous romance. And even if you are part of a couple, that idea might be tempting too!

Oh, an21a7da7e-2211-42be-972a-df1c7718ec6ad look out in your local coffee shop. If there is a Harlequin or Mills & Boon Author near you, they may have left you a gift as part of the #blinddatewithabook promotion 🙂

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mr. Fixit is my Valentine.

It’s Valentine’s Day in Australia and it’s a humid, muggy day and the roses are looking  kinda droopy! Bit like me, really 😉   Today I’m reflecting on Valentine’s past. When I was born, Valentine’s Day in Australia was a non-event. Even when I was a young adult it really wasn’t a big deal here but things have changed! Retailers want us to think it’s a big day.

But me, ever the romantic since at age 14 when I’d read Pride and Prejudice, I dreamed of being given a single, long-stemmed, red rose. I remember the excitement of receiving it too. It was given to me by a guy who bought it because I’d dropped a million hints! Thing is, I have to confess, I actually loved the rose way more than poor Tim. Sorry about that, buddy!

When my husband and I lived in the United States, we totally embraced Valentine’s Day because, wow, they really celebrate it from kindergarten through to the elderly. So we did the full deal; champagne, dinner, chocolates, sexy lingeries, the works. Great fun!

My husband is a random Valentine’s celebrator….one year I’ll get flowers, another ten I won;t 😉 but that’s okay because on the other 364 days of the year he does things like ironing, laundry, and bless him, he tries to repair stuff. Sometimes it works!

Since becoming a Harlequin author, Valentine’s day has been special. For a few years, they threw a ball in Sydney which was great fun but then the global financial crisis hit and now we get a little gift which I look forward to every year. There have been roses, chocolates, an umbrella. I wonder what it will be this year.

This morning, I helped my 10th grade son, cut roses from the garden to take for the girls in his class. I thought this was sweet and I figured my job as a romance author and mother was done. He will grow up hopefully to be a tad more romantic in the traditional sense than his father and chances are, given his skill in technical things, perhaps a lot better at repairing things!  Meanwhile, I need to teach him to cook and iron.

If there is one thing I have learned over the last twenty years, that is stage-mange your day so you get to enjoy it .My husband is out of town so I am now off to pick myself some roses to enjoy, put some champagne on ice and read a great romance.

Wherever you are, what ever you’re doing. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day

mr lincoln rosesIt’s VD day down under and in my part of the country it has dawned wet and grey and humid. Thunder is rumbling. DH is away so I picked up the phone at 7am and wished him a happy day.

We’ve been together a long time, so long in fact that Valentine’s Day wasn’t really a thing in Australia back when we met. Since then Hallmark and retailing have convinced us it’s something we need to spend our money on. A bit like Halloween. Aussies never celebrated that either until about five years ago either.

But back to Valentine’s Day Some years we do the full catastrophe Valentine’s Day…flowers, chocolates, dinner, slinky lingerie….other years it’s a card. and I am sure some years it has been forgotten completely. That’s fine. It’s the little things every day that count 🙂 Like DH doing all the ironing.

However, that said it IS fun to get a card and to receive flowers. My eldest son is an impoverished student and it’s his first Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend. He’s been up early, picked some lovely Mr Lincoln roses from the garden…the scent is divine…and he’s put them in the fridge so they will be fresh and ready for tonight.  A bit of forward planning! I think that sums up what Valentine’s Day is all about. Thinking about the one you love.

If you don’t have a partner in your life then phone a friend and tell them how much you appreciate them in your life. It will make you feel good. Honest, it will and it will make the person you’re telling float through the day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing all my wonderful readers, friends and family a lovely Valentine’s Day!


 The winner of my the super-cute pink heart ice blocks and an eBook edition of Boomerang Bride Valentine’s Day competition is ……… Drum roll…..


 Pekoe the kitten and I pulled her name out of a box. Actually Pekoe sat in the box and Chey’s name stuck to her fur.

 When I went back to look at the comment Chey left she’d said,

My favourite part of Valentines Day is the chocolate!

Chey, I have to agree!

Like any holiday,  we can have unmet expectations so my advice so you enjoy the day? Stage manage it! Make sure you arrange to do what you want to do and that way there’s no disappointment. For me, with DH out of state, I am going to hit the couch tonight after the boys have gone to bed and watch a fave romance movie and eat chocolate 🙂

Thanks to Natalie at Reading Romances for the Valentine’s Day Hop! I loved meeting everyone who called by over the last week.


February 14th is Library Lovers’ Day

We all know Feburary 14th is Valentine’s Day but it’s also Library Lovers’ Day. Libraries all around the country are putting on special events next Monday and I’m excited to be part of it.

I’m going to be getting out of the house, out of the uggies and trackie daks and into ‘street’ clothes and driving up to Geelong, to the Belmont Library. I’m going to be talking about the writing life, romance fiction and lots of other stuff.   So if you’re in the Geelong, Bellarine or Surf Coast distict ,why not schelp on in too. There’s going to be scones! And door prizes!

You do need to register though, and to do that you go to http://www.geelonglibraries.vic.gov.au/event/fiona-lowe-belmont-library

and click on the registration button. It’s that easy!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Valentine’s Day

rosesA pall of heavy smoke is hanging over where I live today, blown from the bushfire areas and I think many Victorians are not overtly celebrating Valentine’s Day when so many people have lost so much. But plenty of Random Acts of Romance are taking place. One man drove over 500km to deliver 40 bunches of wildflowers  to a town that was razed in the fires so people could have some ‘colour’ today.  Isn’t that brilliant?

Couples are looking at each other and hugging, giving thanks they are still together when so many have lost loved ones.

A kiss on the cheek, a touch on the shoulder and a ‘thanks for doing that’ are all random acts of romance and I hope that today you are both a recipitent and a giver of RAR.

And my publisher sent me some longstemmed roses..how gorgeous was that?