Go North West Young Man!

We went to South Australia for Easter…the state next door:-)  It was a four pronged visit…spend time with the cousins, give

Anything else you want to take?

the  ‘The Lad’ some much needed country road driving and knock off some of his required 120 hours of driving,  check out Adelaide University, and take some photos for my new website.  Excitingly, we ticked all the boxes and had a great time doing it.

Adelaide has some absolutely gorgeous buildings and I drooled at all the sandstone.  So many of  South Australia’s buildings are ochre red bricks and sandstone because bricks are termite resistant. Good Friday was cold and blowing a gale so we got to run through huge piles of autumn leaves which had fallen off the plain trees. We crossed the Torrens river and went and checked out a few of the residential colleges. By that time we were starving but sadly, the Pie Floater cart only works at night. A ‘Pie Floater’ is an Adelaide, heritage-listed meal! It has to be eaten to be believed…picture this bright green pea-green soup with a meat pie floating in it, it’s flaky yellow pastry crisp and covered in tomato sauce.  Yup, heritage listed….

On Easter Saturday we left Adelaide and drove to Mannum on the mighty Murray river.One branch of the family was camping there with their speed boat and we spent the day talking, ski-ing, tubing and wake boarding. Too much fun! The boys thought it was fantastic. I didn’t mind that it was overcast and cool because there wasn’t a lot of shade and any hotter we would have burned to a crisp. DH and I didn’t ski but we did tube and I used the opportunity to let rip a few cathartic screams.


Easter Sunday was spent in Victor Harbour and Goolwa, visiting two other branches of the family. I love both these towns. Victor Harbour reminds me of Queenscliff and Sorrento in Victoria and Coogee in NSW with its Norfolk Pine lined esplanade.  Goolwa was once a sleepy fishing village at the mouth of the might Murray river but now hops in tourist season. I think it is still pretty sleepy in the off season. We went for a bracing walk on Hindmarsh Island, dodged a few rain squals, heard the toot of the paddle steamer, ate too much food and headed back to Adelaide. We drove home on Easter Monday and took a few photos of small towns along the way.

I hope your Easter break was as enjoyable!


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