Routine Beckons

It’s winter and it’s three weeks siIMG_0410nce I last sat at my desk with my laptop attached to my screen, my fingers on the ergonomic keyboard and stared out the window at the veiw of the sea. It’s pretty cloudy today and hard to see the sea but I know its there.

These three things mean it’s back to work for me. My holiday/vacation was supposed to be two weeks but yeah, it stretched into three due to the fact that both boys were home and it was just too hard to concentrate and if I am honest, I just gave up trying to work! But today, is the day. Yeah, that’s why I’m blogging…..

The problem with not writing for three weeks is you forget where you are in the story. I read the first four chapters of the book but that was a week ago so yeah, I’ve forgotten again!  Studies have shown that after a vacation, we need retraining at our job. I know that today I will sigh a lot, delete a LOT of words and ask myself why am I even trying to write a book. The fact I have written 26 others is irrelevent.

If you have any tips on settling back into work, I’d love to hear them:-)

Fiona Lowe’s Weddings now out in Australia!

My anthology, Fiona Lowe’s Weddings is now available as an eBook in Australia as a prequel to my Wedding Fever trilogy, which will be out on shelf in Oz in September, October and November!Weddings mimibannerThis is an anthology of four of my previously published medical romances including the Warragurra duo; Wedding in Warragurra, The Playboy Doctor’s Marriage Proposal, A Woman to Belong To and The Surgeon’s Chosen Wife. For photos and details about each book click here.

You can buy it where all eBooks are sold in Australia including Booktopia iBooks   Amazon Mills & Boon Australia and all other eBook retailers such as Big W & JB HIFI  Books for less than coffee and cake so THAT is a sweet deal with no calories, only a happy-ever-after feeling :-)




Revisiting my Childhood in Madang Papua New Guinea

DSCF2876I’ve just spent the last week in PNG. As a child I lived here for a few years and went to school. Although I was 7 when I left, I still recall a lot of those three years and it was great to be able to revisit.  PNG has been independent since 1975 however, it is still a very poor country and most people live in villages without electricity and children attend schools with dirt floors.



We spent our week in Madang, where I lived as a kid and we stayed at the Madang Resort, where I did feel like I was being sheltered from the real PNG.


Over the week we visited villages, went snorkelling and diving, sailed, and I had a trip down memory lane finding my old house, school and church. Here is a picture diary of our trip.

Tropical island with a sandy beach where we snorekelled and The Lad dived.

Tropical island with a sandy beach where we snorekelled and The Lad dived.

Delicate orchids in the gardens of the resort.

Delicate orchids in the gardens of the resort.


My house then.

My house then.

The house today which is now owned by PNG Nationals.

The house today which is now owned by PNG Nationals.

My favorite flowers; the gloriousy perfumed frangipani.

My favorite flowers; the gloriousy perfumed frangipani.


PNG women work really hard. They do all the gardening and harvesting and they attend the markets.

Food market

Food market

Kokomo Bird... so cute when they jump.

Kokomo Bird… so cute when they jump.

My school.

My school.

Me telling Boy Wonder about my prep classroom.

Me telling Boy Wonder about my prep classroom. It wasn’t this decorated when I went. It was new and had no windows or doors for the year as we waited for the louvres to arrive from Australia!

Kicking back reading.

Kicking back reading.


Kar Kar island...the backdrop of my childhood

Kar Kar island…the backdrop of my childhood

Handmade wheel involved.

Handmade pottery…no wheel involved.

Clown fish everywhere!

Clown fish everywhere!

Sailing. The resort had sea kayaks & two catamarans.

Sailing. The resort had sea kayaks & two catamarans.

It was a great week and a terrific escape from winter.



Celebrating the Good


In a lot of ways, writing books is a crazy business. It’s the only job I’ve had that comes with devastating lows and incredible highs. I’m sure it’s not healthy at all! But given the dismal lows, I always celebrate the good stuff.

Today I’m thrilled to annoucne that my Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance novel, Bundle of Trouble  (third book in the Gold Coast Angels series) has been nominated for a RuBY award.

The Romantic Book of the Year award (RuBY) is a reader-based award run by the Romance Writers of Australia. This is my fifth nomination over the years but it’s still as exciting as it ever has been!  Bundle of Trouble is dedicated to two special women, one of whom had a brain bleed and shared her story with me so I could write a realistic account of that terrifying and life threatening condition. For me, it makes the nomination even more special!

Congratuations to my fellow nominees…I hope you’re having a sparkly day today just like I am!

gold coast angels UK

So what’s Bundle of Trouble all about?

Almost everyone in Australia associates the Gold Coast, Queensland with theme parks, beaches, holidays and fun. Everyone except of course the people who live there. For them it’s just home. They get to enjoy the lovely beaches and the tranquility of the rainforest in their own back gardens. When I was at a conference on the Gold Coast, I often wondered what it would be like to live in a tourist town thate beats 24/7 because everyday life isn’t vacation, it’s everyday life! How often do the residents get to the beach or the rainforest?

Chloe hasn’t really ever had a vacation even though she’s lived on the Gold Coast for a decade. She’s been too busy supporting her brother, Nick and getting her own life back together after being abandoned by her parents at sixteen. She’s just turned thirty and she’s reflecting on her life and where it’s headed. Have the sacrifices she’s been forced to make been worth it?

Luke loved the casual Gold Coast lifestyle in the huge house on the canal that he shared with his wife and daughter but one moment in time stole all that from him. Now he’s living in a town known for its fun and yet he’s cloaked in sadness and not able to see a way out of it.

Set against the backdrop of sun, surf and life lived to the full, they manage against the odds to find their place in the Gold Coast and they find each other.

If this piques your interest, you can buy it at all eBook retailers!

USA:   Amazon Nook iBooks Kobo Google Play

Australia Amazon Booktopia iBooks Kobo

A Tale of Two Cakes


My yet to be decorated cake ready for travel

My side of the family tend to gather together every few months to celebrate a clump of birthdays. This weekend was one of those gatherings and my sister was hosting lunch.

We’ve settled into a pattern of whoever hosts provides the main meal, my mother brings the nibbles and I bring the dessert. The kinder who range from 30 down to two have no food responsibilities….they’re just expected to turn up on time and to be entertaining and witty ;-)

On Friday, Boy Wonder and I pored over the cookbooks. Would I bake the coconut cake with lemon syrup. YUM! On closer inspection, it had to be served warm so that wouldn’t work due to the distance we had to travel. The white chocolate cake tempted but I’d made that for the last birthday cluster.  I was leaning toward lemon meringue pie but Boy Wonder said it could be too lemony so we decided on a ginger cake with lemon icing. I’d not made before but it sounded delicious. Plus it was dead easy to make so I whipped it up on Saturday.

Up early on Sunday, I iced it and placed it in the travel cake container to be decorated on arrival.  I also packed the strawberries, putting them in the cooler with Boy Wonder’s fizz. Then I grabbed my phone so I could listen to my bookgroup audio book on 90 minute drive, my knitting… making a blanket for the Fistula Foundation… made a traveller coffee for my husband as he was driving, pulled on my boots, did a final check of the boot box where things we’re taking are aways stacked. It was empty. The men had loaded the car so I locked the door and stepped outside.

Ninety minutes and 123km/76 miles later we arrived at my sister’s  house, opened the back of the car and …no cake. Crap! Perhaps because it was family, I was remarkably calm and just laughed. I tried to find the recipe on my phone but although all the other cakes in the book were there, the ginger cake was not.  With DH on standby for a grocery store dash, I raided my sister’s recipe book and with her advice as she had some “apples that needed using,” I strapped on an arpon.


The whipped-up emergency cake all decorated and good to go

Dad gave me a glass of champagne, Boy Wonder brought me nibbles and I whipped up an apple and walnut cake, which was served warm and it was yummy!

This episode also provided the family with an opportunity to feel good because hey, what’s better than laughing at someone else’s folly? My 82 & 83 year old parents felt fantastic because they were not the ones to have forgotten to pack something and it gave the kids a chance to roll their eyes so basically it was a win-win. I also have a ginger cake for tennis tomorrow!

What have you forgotten or left behind and how did you cover for your moment of vagueness?

Step Away From The Stove….now!

10353265_10152219866407675_2714594223057580158_oWhile my American readers are enjoying a long weekend and their thoughts are turning to the start of summer, we were lucky to have a glorious autumn/fall regular weekend.

Unlike the heat of summer when we live on salads and grilling on the BBQ, I’m happy to cook the other three seasons. I’m a pretty good cook, my family are generally appreciative of what I serve up and I have to say that I take pride in providing tasty and well-presented food. That was seriously challenged this weekend.

Friday night, instead of salmon, I tried snapper. I’ve cooked it before and I stuffed it with DSC03832herbs and lemon, covered it in garlic and soy sauce and baked it. Sadly, it was quite tasteless and there were complaints about bones. I told them to man up!

Saturday, I served up the vegetable & meat soup that had been cooking in the slow cooker using the leftover ginger and soy from a casserole earlier in the week. I missed the mark again. There were requests for minestrone or pea & ham. At this point I was questioning whether it was my cooking or their tastebuds.  So, for Saturday night I fell back on an oldie but a goodie…roast chicken. First mistake of the evening…I let my husband light the Weber BBQ and unbeknown to me, he didn’t open the bottom vents. I took the chook/chicken off the BBQ and instead of golden brown it was half raw. And we had theatre/theater tickets that night so yeah, we ate a sandwich and left for the show.

So Sunday night? Yep, I ordered in pizza and it was cooked and tasty!

What did you eat this weekend?